Advance Innovation Technology plc established in 2006 introducing latest and updated products over times in Bangladesh with a competitive price. We deliver imported brand products anywhere in Bangladesh with our strong marketing network. We never compromise in Quality which is our strength. We take utmost care while selecting and launching any product in market. We are devoted to ethics of business and respect our customers for giving us business.

Dental Products Business:

In Bangladesh , dentist-patient ratio is being considered one of the lowest in the world. To make the ratio reasonable, our country is coming up with urge of necessity. Bangladesh has thirteen dental collages and more than three thousand register dentists. Last seven years, seven new dental collages have been established to cope with the need of the hour. Hundreds of students obtain graduation and started new profession in oral health. Demand for dental product is gradually increasing by 10%-15% per year in Bangladesh .

Bangladesh dental product market is dominated by Chinese and Indian product because of their pricing. But many dentists are looking for quality product and ready to pay a little bit high prices. We believe there is a potential market of quality brand products in Bangladesh .

We started our dental products business against fake or copy products. Our strong position against gray market built the trust among dentists.

Medical Device Business:

We started our business to import mortuary cooling chamber from CEABIS, Italy in 2006. Advance Innovation Technology plc imports directly or on the other hand advise local firms to import quality Medical & clinical devices. Our moto is to introduce quality devices for benefit of humanities at competitive price. We are looking for good brand.

Our separate individual Technical Division named 'IKRAM BIO-ELECTRONIC SERVICE' having Biomedical Engineers and part-time Software Engineer. The division earned good reputation in installing new medical & dental equipments and repairing activities.

Consumer Products Business:

We have planned to diversify the business aspect by importing various consumer goods which will be the cause of improving better life style.

In near future, it is our aim to be a manufacturer in collaboration with foreign company and produce high quality goods with affordable price.

By our activities, we want to make contribution to humanities to our country and to the global community.